Low-code automation for inbound emails.

Get a programmable email address. Automate what happens when you receive emails. It's like Zapier for devs who hate emails.

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How it works


Connect the services you want to automate with your @mailscript address.


Define criteria for your automations. We have predefined parsers for GitHub, GSuite and more.


Discard emails, get SMS alerts, run commands or webhooks. No more flooded inbox!

Meet our CLI

Low code: No more complicated APIs. Automations are simple to read and write. We also provide libraries for every major language.

Daemon: You can run Mailscript on any terminal (or even in Docker!). This allows you to run your own parsers or execute commands when specific emails arrive.

# Add a new email address
mailscript addresses:add \
	--address sales@myteam.mailscript.com

# Setup a forward action
mailscript actions:add \
  --name forward-to-personal-email \
  --forward me@gmail.com \
  --from sales@myteam.mailscript.com

mailscript workflows:add \
  --name sales-to-personal-email \
  --input sales@myteam.mailscript.com \
  --action forward-to-personal-email

# Test the new redirect
mailscript send \
	--to sales@myteam.mailscript.com \
	--from myteam@mailscript.com \
	--subject "Quick test" \
	--text "the body"
// Coming soon

# Coming soon

// Coming soon


Put GitHub on autopilot

PRs: Discard commits from repos you don't want, snooze PRs until review dates, filter by organization.

Issues: Get alerts when specific issues or people assign you an issue.

Actions: Get notifications or execute commands when a build has failed on your commit.

Programmable Aliases

Catch-all: myname@mailscript.com also grants you *@myname.mailscript.com. You can even use + or . in addresses for more control.

Groups: Create group addresses like team@ that redirect to specific team members.

Routing: Create custom rules if emails arrive at a specific address, or match a specific rule.

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